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Hi!  Welcome to Flavors, Fashion, and Fun!  I’m Tara.  As a working mom of 2, I wear a lot of different hats.  I’m a third grade teacher by day and a wife and mommy at night.  I serve as chef and personal stylist for my family.  I’m the travel agent and party planner for special events.  I love my job and my family, but wearing all of these different hats can be stressful and overwhelming at times.  It leaves very little time for me.  I have found a few ways to get a little bit of that time back for myself, and I’d like to share them with you.

Are you a working mom, too?  Do you feel the pressure to do it all for everyone else and have little time left for yourself?  Then, I hope you’ll stick around.  Explore the different categories to find out how you can save some time and relax to enjoy more of life’s pleasures.


How many times do you get home from work exhausted and have no idea what’s for dinner?  That was happening to me way too often.  I would get home from school and stare into the refrigerator trying to figure out what to make.  By the time I chose something, I had two children hanging on me begging me to play.  I knew I had to do something to solve this problem so I started preparing make-ahead meals.  I prepare all of food we need for the week when I get home from the grocery store on Sunday.  This makes it so fast and easy to put a yummy dinner on the table after a long day at work.  In addition to make-ahead meals, I’ll share some of my favorite recipes and treats I make with my kids in the “Food” tab.


Picking out new clothes at the store used to be one of my favorite things to do.  Since having children, I don’t have time to sneak away without them.  Taking them with me isn’t an option because I spend more time chasing them around the store than looking at clothing.  I was always leaving empty-handed, and my wardrobe was suffering.  Then, I saw an ad for Stitch Fix as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed.  It sounded too good to be true.  A personal stylist would pick out clothes for me and send them to my house.  I signed up right away and loved it!  Then, I found out about Trunk Club, which is Nordstrom’s version of Stitch Fix.  Now I get new styles delivered to my door several times a year.

The styling services made getting myself new clothing easy, but I still needed to find ways to dress my children without breaking the bank.  My daughter, who I call Miss M, is very picky about her clothes.  My son, who I call J, is all boy and gets holes in his clothing so quickly.  I’ve found some quick and easy ways to save on their clothing.  You can check out the new items I’m adding to my wardrobe and money-saving tips for getting children’s clothing in the “Fashion” tab.

Party Planner and Travel Agent

Since we have very busy schedules, and work keeps me from spending all of my time with my kids, I try to make special events as perfect as possible.  I make sure they have their dream birthday parties each year.  I also plan an amazing vacation each year so we can spend quality family time together and have lots of fun.  Planning these events can take a lot of time.  I hope the ideas I’ve included in the “Party Planning Fun” and “Travel Fun” tabs will save you some time as you prepare for your next special event.


Teaching is my passion.  I’m a third grade teacher, and my husband is a fifth grade teacher.  Education is very important in our lives, and I love sharing ideas with other teachers.  If you are a teacher, my hope is that you can use some of the activities I’ve planned in your own classroom.  Even if your day job isn’t teaching, you may find some fun things in the “Teaching Fun” tab to do with your own children.

My hope is that exploring Flavors, Fashion, and Fun will help you find ways to save time on your “must-do” tasks.  That way you will have more time for things you want to do and to explore life’s pleasures.

Get started by subscribing to Flavors, Fashion, and Fun and never miss another post.  I would also love to connect with you on Pinterest and Instagram.  If you are a teacher, you might enjoy some of my products on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Let me help you reclaim some of that you time that’s been missing in your life.

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