Trunk Club Review #1

I fell in love with Stitch Fix, so I decided to try another clothing delivery service.  My first trunk from Trunk Club arrived this week, and I was in clothing heaven.  Check out my first Trunk Club review to see why I loved it so much.

Trunk Club is a service from Nordstrom that delivers clothing directly to your door. Check out my first Trunk Club review to see what I received and to find out how you can get your own personal stylist.


I always wait until the end of the school day before I check my cell phone.  After the last students left my classroom today, I pulled my phone from my purse.  I was so excited to see the notification that my trunk had arrived!  My husband was home from work today because he was sick.  He had brought my trunk inside, so when I got home it was waiting for me in the living room.  The packaging is perfect!  All I had to do was remove two pieces of tape, and the top of the trunk easily lifted off.  I removed the envelope that was on top of the clothing.  It contained a personal note from my stylist, Julie, a list of all of the articles of clothing and their prices, a pre-paid return label, and tape strips to seal the trunk when I’m ready to return it.  Trunk Club makes it super easy to return the items you don’t want.  You can even email them to schedule a free UPS pickup.



First Trunk Club Review

Next, I started removing items from the box.  I couldn’t believe how much there was – three bundles of clothing and two pairs of shoes!  Each bundle was so nicely wrapped with a pretty bow on top.  I carefully examined how the ribbon was wrapped and tied so I could try to replicate it when I returned the trunk.  My aunt uses the same technique on her Christmas presents, and I’ve tried to learn from that as well.  Maybe Trunk Club can help me master it!

Check out how beautifully Trunk Club packages their clothing in my first Stitch Fix review.

“Felicia Flat” from Sam Edelman

Being a shoe person, I gravitated toward those first.  I opened the bright green Sam Edelman box, and my eyes fell on the “Felicia” Flat.  I loved the shimmery purple color and the fact that they are flats.  At school, I am on my feet all day, and I can’t make it a whole day in heels.  Comfortable flats are a must!  I tried these shoes on, and they were unbelievably comfortable.  Now I just have to find enough outfits to wear them with to justify keeping them.


Ballet Neck Cotton and Modal Elbow Sleeve Tee from Caslon with the

“Satin” Jersey Leggings by Hue

As I unwrapped the bundles, the Ballet Neck Cotton and Modal Knit Elbow Sleeve Tee from Caslon caught my eye.  My first thought was that this was the perfect shirt to wear with the “Felicia” Flats.  I paired it with the “Satin” Jersey Leggings by Hue.  The bright purple color isn’t something I normally would have picked out, but I am intrigued.  Purple is my favorite color, and I probably should add other pant colors to my wardrobe seeing as I own black, brown, khaki, white, and jeans.

The Ballet Neck Cotton and Modal Knit Elbow Sleeve Tee is one of the items in my first Trunk Club review.


The pants were way too tight.  It took me about 10 minutes to pull them on and another 10 minutes to get them off.  I like the color of the shirt.  I’m just not sure about the fit of it.  I do love the shoes, but I don’t know if I can justify $100 when I don’t have a lot of outfits they match.  I ended up sending all of these pieces back.


“Kit” Fringe Booties from Topshop, Seamed Back Leggings by Two by Vince Camuto, Jersey Tank from Hinge, and Split Neck Tee from Stem

Next, I opened the other shoebox, which contained the “Kit” Fringe Booties from Topshop in black.  I was a little bit scared to open them because they were packaged perfectly.  I knew I would never be able to get them to look like that again.  (Sorry, Julie!)  After removing them from the bag and several layers of tissue paper and cardboard, I saw how cute these booties are!  As much as I like shoes, I do not own any booties.  I’ve always gone for higher boots for some reason.  I told Julie that during our style consultation over the phone so she picked these out for me.  I love that they are flat with only the tiniest heel so they would be great for work.  The fringe detail along the side is very unique.  I paired them with the Seamed Back Leggings by Two by Vince Camuto in black, the Jersey Tank from Hinge in ivory, and the Split Neck Tee from Stem in navy

The Seamed Back Leggings are one of the items in my first Trunk Club review.


I know you can’t see the jersey tank, but it’s just a regular tank top.  It was very soft and comfortable, but I already have a few like it.  I really liked the Stem Tee, but $45 is too much for me to spend on this shirt.  Unlike the purple leggings, these fit perfectly.  I do have one pair of black leggings, but they were so comfortable.  The booties fit well, but didn’t have quite as much cushion on the bottom as I like, and the top cut into my leg a little bit.  I would still love to own a pair of booties, but I don’t think these are the ones.  I decided to keep the leggings and send the rest back.


“Dating and Waiting” Drape Front Jacket

While I was still wearing that outfit, I decided to try the “Dating & Waiting” Drape Front Jacket.  When she first packed my trunk, Julie sent me a preview, so I could remove any items I really didn’t want.  This was the only item in the preview that I came very close to removing.  I told myself it might look better in person.  Unfortunately, I still really didn’t like it, but I figured I would give it a try with an outfit.  I had read lots of other reviews where people really didn’t like an item at first but then loved it with a particular outfit.  Maybe that would happen with this jacket.

The "Dating & Waiting" Drape Front Jacket is one of the items in my fist Trunk Club review.



Nope. . .still not my style.  The arms were a little bit too tight, too.   I sent it back.


Shirred V-Neck Tee from Casion

Next, I tried the Shirred V-Neck Tee from Casion in navy.  I paired it with a pair of Ralph Lauren shorts I had gotten on a trip to Nordstrom.  All of Trunk Club’s clothing is from Nordstrom so you know it’s high quality.  I also love that if something is on sale at, you get the discount through Trunk Club as well.


The Shirred V-Neck Tee is one item in my first Trunk Club review.


Navy is one of my favorite colors to wear, and I loved the V-neck.  However, the middle section of this shirt didn’t fall the way I like.  It was a little bit too bunched around my stomach.  I sent it back.


Stripe Knit Flared Dress from Eliza J

When I had my style consultation with Julie over the phone, I mentioned that my cousin’s bridal shower is coming up in May.  It will be Kentucky Derby themed, and I need a new dress to wear.  She sent me several to try.  The Stripe Knit Flared Dress from Eliza J is just my style.  I loved the stripes along the top and bottom, and again, I love navy.


The Stripe Knit Flared Dress is one of the items in my first Trunk Club review.


I love this dress!  It fits perfectly everywhere, and I can wear it to school.  It didn’t take me long to decide to keep this one.


“Yale” Lace Panel Fit and Flare Dress from BB Dakota

Next, I tried on the “Yale” Lace Panel Fit and Flare Dress by BB Dakota.   This was one item that I really liked in the preview.  I love the color, and the lace sleeves and back make it different from all the other dresses I own.


The "Yale" Lace Panel Fit and Flare Dress is one of the items in my first Trunk Club review.


However, when I tried it on, it didn’t fit the way I had hoped.  The top was a little loose, and it was a little bit too short.  I did love the lace detail, but I had to send it back.


Metallic Shift Dress from Topshop

The third dress was the Metallic Shift Dress by Topshop.  I really liked the pattern on this dress, and the button details on the sides are really cute.


The Metallic Shift Dress is one of the items in my first Trunk Club review.


This dress was a little bit too tight in the chest, so I decided to return it.

Pleated Stretch Crepe Sheath Dress

The final dress was the Pleated Stretch Crepe Sheath Dress by Adrianna Papell.   I love the color and cut of this dress.  It looked like it might be perfect for my cousin’s bridal shower.


The Pleated Stretch Crepe Sheath Dress is one of the items in my first Trunk Club review.


Sorry, I forgot to hide the tag on this one.  My husband, who is also my photographer, said he liked this dress right away.  That is always a good sign.  I decided to keep it for my cousin’s shower and maybe as an Easter dress as well.


Ribbed Tank by Splendid with the Burnout Sweater by Caslon

The last items in my trunk were the Ribbed Tank by Splendid in black and the Burnout Sweater by Caslon in black.  I tried these on with my New York and Company jeans and the “Kit” Fringe Bootie again.  I just had to be sure I didn’t want to keep them.


The Burnout Sweater is one of the items in my fist Trunk Club review.


Again, the ribbed tank was super soft, but I already have black tank tops in my closet.  This sweater was so soft, which I loved.  However, it just wasn’t fitted enough.  I still really liked the look of the booties, but even after wearing them a little bit longer, they still didn’t feel comfortable enough.  I don’t think I would make it through a day of teaching wearing them.  Therefore, I sent all of these items back.

Final Thoughts

That was everything in my first trunk.  I am super excited about the items I kept.  Now I just need to find a hat to match my pink Derby dress.  The only item I’m really sad about sending back is the “Felicia” Flat by Sam Edelman.  I loved the color and comfort of them.  Maybe I’ll collect more tops that will match and ask Julie to send them to me again in another trunk.

One thing I really like about Trunk Club is that there is no styling fee.  (Update:  As of October 2016, there is a $25 styling fee.)  I felt no pressure to keep any of the items.  I also appreciated that Julie stayed within my price range.  During our phone consultation, I told her that $100 was the high end of my budget, and she stuck to that.  I’ve included the price list that came with my trunk in case you’re wondering how much any of the items cost.


Check out how much each of the items in my first Trunk Club review cost.


I’m extremely happy with my first trunk.  I got some great pieces to add to my wardrobe.  If you’re interested in trying Trunk Club, I’d really appreciate it if you would use my referral link.  That’s another great thing about the service.   If someone else uses your referral link and spends $50, you get a $50 credit.  Please let me know what you think of the items in my trunk.  Would you have made the same decisions?



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2 thoughts on “Trunk Club Review #1

  1. They send you so many items! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Trunk Club before. But, if I decide to sign up for a styling program like this, I’ll definitely choose this one! I like the dresses you chose too. The one with the stripes on top and bottom was so cute! Good luck with finding your Kentucky Derby hat!

    1. Thanks, Gina! I found a Derby hat at Target – a navy blue one that matched the dress. I hope you get to try Trunk Club. I get so excited when my trunk arrives. It’s also nice that there’s not a styling fee. I actually sent one whole trunk back because I didn’t like anything, and it was completely free.

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