Planning a Plants vs. Zombies Birthday Party

Do you have a kiddo who loves Plants vs. Zombies? Use these ideas for foods, games, and favors to plan an unforgettable birthday party.

Awesome foods, games, and favors for a Plants vs. Zombies themed birthday party

Plants vs. Zombies Party

“Do you want to be a plant or a zombie?” This is the most frequently asked question in my house. J is currently obsessed with Plants vs. Zombies. He doesn’t even play the video game, but he loves the pea shooters, cactus plants, and football zombies. The floors in my house are constantly cluttered with stuffed zombies, plastic plants, and K’NEX pieces from the Wild West Plants vs. Zombies set. So naturally when J’s sixth birthday approached, he wanted a Plants vs. Zombies party.

I went to Party City, my go-to party planning store and walked up and down the aisles. Had I missed the Plants vs. Zombies section? I walked up and down the aisles again. Still no Plants vs Zombies. I walked out of Party City with green plates, napkins, utensils, streamers, and balloons. Feeling frustrated, I went home to look online for ideas for a Plants vs. Zombies party. Surely, my son wasn’t the only one who wanted this theme.

I searched on Amazon for Plants vs. Zombies party items. They had some balloons a cake topper, and some ideas for favors. I didn’t order anything right away because I wanted to see what I could make myself. I knew I needed ideas for food, games, and favors.


I wanted the food I served to be related to the Plants vs. Zombies theme. Luckily, I knew enough about it from watching Zack Scott videos on YouTube with J and reading Plants vs. Zombies books to him. Crazy Dave loves tacos so it seemed fitting that there should be a taco bar. It also helped that taco meat is super easy to make and throw into the crockpot.

The plants are mostly fruits and vegetables, so fruit and veggie trays would be easy sides. I decided to make my veggie tray into a sunflower to go along with the Plants vs. Zombies theme. I also wanted a few more sides, so I made a bean dip and turned the top into the garden with different “plants” on it. Cheese and crackers in the shape of flowers were the last addition to the food table. I wanted everyone to know what the different foods were so I made food tents to put beside each item.

Awesome games, foods, and favors for a Plants vs. Zombies themed birthday party

I always buy our birthday cakes at Country Faire Restaurant near our house. The marble cake with buttercream frosting is absolutely delicious. It’s always moist and creamy. Yum! They also do a wonderful job decorating the cakes. I just take a picture to go with the theme, and they recreate it with icing. Everyone is always impressed with both the appearance and flavor of their cakes.

Plants vs. Zombies Cake


A birthday party isn’t complete without some games. I always set the games up in different areas of my house, so the kids are moving a lot. I created notes from the zombies to tell them what to do for each game. They loved finding the next note and going to the next activity. (Those zombies have really bad spelling.)

Plants vs. Zombies note

I wanted to create a scavenger hunt for the kids to complete as they arrived. I hid J’s different stuffed plants all around the living room. As the kids arrived, they found two plants and had some time to play with them until everyone was there.

Next, I blew up green balloons, and my husband drew zombie faces on them. I put a zombie note inside one of them and put them in the sunroom. The kids had to pop the balloons to defeat the zombies and find the next note.

Popping Plants vs. Zombies balloons

As I mentioned earlier, J has a ridiculous number of Plants vs. Zombies toys. I decided to put them to use for the next game.  J got a pea shooter in his Easter basket this year. You press the head, and it shoots out a green ball. I figured this would be good for “hunting zombies”. I stood some of his zombie toys on a board, and the kids had to use the pea shooter to knock them down. They couldn’t get enough of this game! I think they each took about 10 turns.

Plants vs. Zombies Pea Shooter Game

I figured that the kids would probably be getting hungry when that game was over, so I planned a lunch break. Everyone loved how well the foods fit with the Plants vs. Zombies theme. All the kids enjoyed building their own tacos. We also took some time for J to open his presents while everyone finished eating. That allowed me to get the kitchen cleaned before the next activity.

My next game idea was to use the streamers I bought to create an obstacle course. I taped the streamers to different things in my basement, and the kids had to make it through without breaking the streamers. I hid stuffed zombies that they had to capture, and of course a new note was at the end of the obstacle course. They had so much fun crawling under the streamers and stepping over them. My 2-year old especially liked this activity. However, she was eventually the one who broke every streamer and was sad she couldn’t play anymore.

Plants vs. Zombies Streamer Game

By this point, the kids were all asking when we were having cake. We went back upstairs, sang Happy Birthday, blew out the candles, and ate the cake. It was another delicious dessert from Country Faire.

I always like to have one last activity to end my kids’ birthday parties. Usually it’s a pinata, and the kids can take the candy home as a favor. However, I couldn’t find a Plants vs. Zombies pinata. I’m sure I could have found a zombie pinata somewhere, but I decided to come up with anther idea.

In kindergarten, J had played Bingo and came home all excited about winning a game. I decided that Plants vs. Zombies Bingo would be a great culminating activity. I made Bingo boards featuring Plants vs. Zombies characters. Then, I found little green Sixlets that looked just like peas to use as markers. The winner of each game got to pick a piece of candy as a prize. The Bingo game was a hit, and J even got a real Bingo game as a present.

Plants vs. Zombies Bingo Game


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the favors before they went home with our guests. They were really cute and easy to make. I bought all of the supplies at the dollar store. Each child received a planter with his/her name on it. Inside there was a magnetic flower notepad, a flower pen, and a pack of seeds to plant in their own garden.

Even though I hope Party City has decorations for my next party, this one was a success. I think I even ended up spending less than normal because I made more things than I usually do. That’s a definite plus. Everyone left talking about what a great time they had and how fun the games were. My son said it was the best day ever, so that made all the work worth it.

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Awesome games, foods, and favors for a Plants vs. Zombies themed birthday party

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4 thoughts on “Planning a Plants vs. Zombies Birthday Party

  1. I love this. I used to play Plants vs. Zombies myself, so I understand your son’s love of it. Everything you did was so cool, well planned, and well thought out. From the food, to the games, to the scavenger hunt and bingo. All of it sounds like a blast for the kids. I would have loved to have played too.

    1. My son would love playing with you if you know the Plants vs. Zombies characters. Everywhere we go he starts talking to people about them, and most people have no idea what they are. Every once in a while we find someone who is familiar with the game, and he gets so excited.

  2. My 5 year old nephew would absolutely love this! Whenever he’s not immersed in Minecraft, he’s playing Plants Vs. Zombies. He loves the game and narrates it while he plays. It’s adorable. Love this theme!

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