Savingstar: My New Favorite Way to Save on Groceries

Who doesn’t want to save money on groceries?  With coupons, deals in weekly circulars, and club cards, there are lots of ways to save your hard-earned money.  One of the newest ways to save money is by using apps on your phone.  Just buy the items, scan your receipts, and get money back from products you would have bought anyway.  I’ve already received a $20 gift card from Ibotta, and I have $6.75 in Checkout 51.  Now I’ve just discovered SavingStar, and it has quickly become my new favorite way to save on groceries.


SavingStar is my new favorite way to save money on groceries. Find out how you can save today!


#1 – Healthy Offers

One of the biggest complaints I hear about coupons is that they are always for unhealthy items.  It’s true that a lot of coupons are for processed, packaged products.  However, if you look hard enough, you can find some healthy deals. SavingStar has a new “Healthy Offer” each week.  So far, I’ve saved on apples, pears, and lettuce through SavingStar.  This week they have 20% off of pumpkins to get ready for Halloween.  I look forward to seeing what the “Healthy Offer” is each week.

#2 – No Scanning Receipts

When I set up my account, SavingStar prompted me to entered my club card numbers for both stores where I shop.  Now, each time I make a purchase, SavingStar automatically sees what I buy and adds money to my account.  I don’t have to take pictures of any receipts.  They do still have a “Submit a Reciept” button, so I guess that’s not the case for all stores.  However, it’s one of the biggest perks for me.  I still have to take pictures of my receipts for both Ibotta and Checkout 51.

#3 – Great Brands

There are coupons for some of my favorite brands in SavingStar.  Often when I’m using coupons, I have to buy brands I wouldn’t normally buy to save money.  That isn’t the case with SavingStar.  They give money back on great brands!  This week, I saved on Sargento cheese, Kellogg’s cereals, and Bush’s beans.  Plus, I can use other coupons I have for these items and save double!

#4 – “Boost Your Progress” Feature

You can “Boost Your Progress” on certain offers.  Many of SavingStar’s deals require you to spend a certain amount of money on a brand to get money back.  For example, you have to spend $20 on Kellogg’s products to get $5 back.  I spent $8.53 toward this goal last week.  Today, I went into SavingStar, and they had a “Boost Your Progress” option with this deal.  I entered some information and received $5 more, so now I have $13.53 without spending any more money.  I should be able to meet the goal this week now.

#5 – Easy Payment

It’s really easy to get your money when you’re ready to cash out.  You can choose how you would like to receive your payment.  I haven’t cashed out yet, but when I do I will have the money sent to my Paypal account.  You can also get a bank deposit or get a Starbucks or AMC gift card.  I want to see how much I can earn this year.  Then, I’ll send it to Paypal.

How You Can Save

I love SavingStar so much that I just joined their affiliate program.  You can try it by clicking on this affiliate link.  SavingStar is completely free, and you can start saving immediately.  Just create your account and load your club card numbers.  You can select the deals you want to use.  Then, just sit back, relax, and watch your account grow without any more effort on your part.





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2 thoughts on “Savingstar: My New Favorite Way to Save on Groceries

  1. I love Savingstar too. It is one of my favorite coupon apps. And yes I love that we can save money on produce or Fresh Products. If I wouldn’t have been a member I definitely would have gone through you. Savingstar is way cool.

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