Make 2017 Your Year of Saving

Make 2017 Your Year of Saving

It’s time to set those New Year’s Resolutions again.  What will your goal be for 2017?  Could you use some extra cash?  Do you want to save up for something special – maybe a new car or a vacation?  Then, make 2017 your year of saving!


Do you want to save money in 2017? Join me to learn money-saving tips, and make 2017 your Year of Saving!


The bad thing about New Year’s Resolutions is that it’s often difficult to keep them.  We start off strong in January.  Then, other things get in the way, we forget about our resolution, or it’s just too hard to keep up with it.  That’s what I was worried about three years ago when I started trying to save money.

My Year of Saving

I was on maternity leave with my daughter.  I took the year off from teaching, and I was quickly blowing through my savings.  The cost of diapers and formula add up quickly.  After buying Christmas gifts, I was worried there wouldn’t be enough money to get me to the end of the school year.  I started looking for ways to save, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stick with it.  With two small children, there wasn’t much free time for clipping coupons and searching for deals.

It turns out that saving money is addicting.  After saving my first $10 at the grocery store, I wanted to see if I could save more the following week.  I’ve spent the past three years looking for new ways to save on everything I purchase.  I can’t imagine buying something without looking for deals and trying to save money.  Could 2017 be your year of saving?  Here are some tips that have helped me save thousands of dollars this year.

Money-Saving Tips

I try to save money every time I buy something – shopping online, in department stores, and at the grocery store.  These are the best ways I’ve found to save money.

Use Ebates for Online Shopping

When you shop online, use Ebates to get money back.  Sign up for Ebates.  You will get $10 added to your account if you use my referral link.  Then, each time you want to shop online, go to the Ebates website and click on the store where you want to shop.  A percentage of the money you spend will be added to your Ebates account.   Ebates will send you a check for the money you’ve saved.  Using Ebates is really easy, and you’ll save a lot of money if you shop online often.


Sign Up for Emails From Your Favorite Stores

It’s hard to keep up on the latest sales.  Go to the websites of your favorite stores, and sign up for their emails.  Then, every time there’s a special sale, you’ll get an email.  Some stores will even send you a coupon just for signing up.  I like to combine those coupons with the sales to get even better deals.  If you’re shopping online, another tip is to search for promo codes before you checkout.  Some stores allow you to apply more than one promo code for extra savings!


Use Gift Cards to Shop

Another way to save money is to shop using gift cards.  I love asking for gift cards for my birthday and Christmas.  Most of my family members don’t like to just give cash, so gift cards are the next best thing.  I can still pick out what I want without having to pay with my own money.

Another way to use gift cards to shop is by purchasing them on  Raise is an online marketplace for discounted gift cards.  You save a few dollars when you purchase the gift card, so you are saving money on the items you are purchasing at the store.  Some of the gift cards are physical gift cards, and others are electronic.  If you sign up using my referral code, you will get $5 free with your first purchase.  Raise is also running a special right now where you get $10 off a $20 purchase.  That’s even more savings!


Using Circulars and Club Cards at the Grocery Store

The easiest way to save money at the grocery store is by checking the weekly circular for deals on items you need.  You can either get a hard copy of the circular when you enter the store, or you can look on the store’s website.  To benefit from the deals in the weekly circular, you need a club card for the grocery store.  When you go to checkout, give the cashier your club card, and all of the discounts will be automatically applied.

There are so many other ways to save money at the grocery store, too.  Let me share them with you in my online course Supermarket Savings.  It consists of 7 lessons that are jam-packed with money-saving tips for the grocery store.  There’s also a FREE lesson on saving at CVS.  Check out the Supermarket Savings sales page now!


Join the Supermarket Savings course to learn tips for saving at the grocery store.


Will this be your Year of Saving?

The first step to starting your Year of Saving is to look at where you spend your money.  Does most of your money go to groceries?  Is buying new clothing your obsession?  Assess your spending, and look for ways to save on those items.  It only takes a few minutes to look for a coupon code before checking out online or browsing the weekly circular before going to the grocery store.  These simple changes can add up to big savings.

As 2017 continues, check back for more money-saving tips.  We’ll work together to save lots of money!


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12 thoughts on “Make 2017 Your Year of Saving

  1. These are all helpful tips to get one started saving. Everyone can use a little extra money different times of the year, and to start saving here and there will help out when you need it. Like for birthday’s, vacations, Christmas.
    Once you save a little it does get addicting, then I challenge myself to see how much I can save next time at the store. It’s actually fun. I use the store saving cards, and some phone apps to help me save.

  2. My main goal for this year is fitness, but saving is a close second. I’ve never heard of, but will definitely check them out. Discounted gift cards sounds good to me!!

    1. Fitness is definitely a goal for me, too, Pam! At this point, saving has become an everyday part of my life. Once you start incorporating new ways to save, you won’t want to give them up. Discounted gift cards at Raise are my newest way to save a few dollars. If I know I’m going to shop at a particular store, I will purchase a Raise gift card to save a few more dollars.

  3. If you really want to get excited about the money you’re saving, track it for a month. Every time you buy something at a discount, write down the discount, the date and why you got it. You’ll quickly see where you are getting your wins and be able to zero in on things that pay off for you. Plus, you might be inspired to meet another goal with your savings…add to your emergency fund (or start one!), save for next Christmas, pay down debt faster, etc.

    1. Emily, I love tracking how much I’m able to save at the grocery store! It’s amazing how quickly the savings add up! The money definitely helped with Christmas costs, and the rest goes into our savings.

    1. You’re right, Jamie! We’ve been trying to pay off our mortgage, and the money I’ve saved has allowed us to start doing that. Now I can’t wait to find new ways to save and pay it down even more.

  4. I love your tips, I signed up for the tips to be sent to my email and they are so good. They make me rethink how I am doing things and have renewed my use of grocery apps! Thanks for sharing and for the push! Looking forward to your newsletters!

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