Online Math Programs Your Students Will Love

As teachers, we are constantly looking for fun and engaging ways to help our students learn.  These online math programs will keep your students engaged while you work with small groups.  They’ll love playing the games, and you’ll love the data they give you.

These online math games will keep your students engaged while you meet with small groups.

The Best Online Math Programs

Let’s start with the programs that are free.  As we all know, free is best – especially with a teacher’s salary.  There are paid versions of these online math programs, but the free versions are just as engaging.



Prodigy is my students' favorite online math program.

Let’s start with the best online math program I’ve found so far.  Prodigy is my students’ absolute favorite thing to do.  They even choose to play it during indoor recess!  

Why They Love It

Prodigy is set up like a video game, but they have to answer math questions to get new levels and bonuses.  They get to “battle” each other in the game, and it’s very interactive.  They love choosing their avatars, which worlds to explore, and getting new bonuses.  I’ve had students go home and ask their parents to buy the paid version of Prodigy, so they can get extra bonuses and levels.

Why I Love It

It’s exciting seeing my students so engaged in an online math program that is helping them build their skills.  The students take a pretest when they first start Prodigy, and that allows the program to give them math problems at their levels.  I can also assign a certain skill that we are working on in class.  Another option is to differentiate their practice and give different students different assignments based on what they need to practice.

I also love Prodigy because of the data it gives me.  I’m able to go to the “Reports” section, and it tells me how my students are doing on each math skill.  At a glance, I know who has mastered each concept and who needs more help.  This is great for forming my guided math groups!

How Do You Sign Up?

Go to the Prodigy website, and click “Get Your Free Account.”  Enter your information, and create an account.  You will get a class code.  When you’re ready for your students to start playing, send them to the website.  They will click “Get Your Free Account” and select “Student.”  It will walk them through setting up their accounts.  Give them the class code to enter when they are prompted.  That way they will be added to your class, and you can give them assignments and track their progress.  Also, have them write down their usernames and passwords.  They will need those to play next time.


Front Row

Front Row is another great program for practicing math skills online.  My students enjoy playing it during their technology rotation during guided math.

Why They Love It

Front Row allows the students to earn coins for the problems they solve correctly.  Then, they are able to go to the store and buy things using their coins.  That is very motivating for them.

Why I Love It 

I like that I can choose the type of assignment I want to create in Front Row.  In “Adaptive Practice,” the program gives the students a pretest and differentiates the assignments.  This allows the students to practice skills at their level.  In “Targeted Mode,” I am able to assign skills based on what we’re learning at the time.  Finally, Front Row has a “Fact Practice” assignment option to help students practice their basic facts.  The only drawback to Front Row is that you can only create one assignment at a time on the free plan.

Another thing I love about the Front Row website is that it provides “Inquiry-Based Lessons” for grades 1-8.  They are real world projects that will challenge your students to apply the math concepts they’ve learned.  I used one with my enrichment group when we were doing multiplication.  There was a short video for them to watch that explained the task.  Then, they had to work together to figure out how to solve the problems.  It kept them engaged and challenged.  I can’t wait to use another one!  A lot of the lessons are free, but there are also some that are part of the paid program.

How Do You Sign Up?

Use my referral link to go to the Front Row website.  By using that link, you will get a free month of the School Edition of Front Row.  Click “Sign Up Free.”  Enter your information, and create a class by inserting your students’ first and last names.  Front Row will give you a class code.  When the students are ready to sign in, they will go to the website and click “Student Sign In.”  Then, they will enter their first and last name and the class code to get started.



XtraMath is a free program for practicing basic facts.  It times the students and really helps with their fact fluency.

Why They Love It

Love may be a little strong for XtraMath.  My students have to do XtraMath first at the technology center.  When I first started using it, my students weren’t big fans of it.  Just typing the answers to basic facts wasn’t very exciting for them.  Then, I realized that XtraMath gives them a color for each session.  If they do really well, they get a green light, yellow for okay, and red for not so great.  I found that when I started showing my students their color, they tried harder.  They really like getting green!  Then, I started a chart in the back of my room to show XtraMath progress.  They love watching their butterflies move up as they master more facts.

XtraMath is one of the best online math programs for helping students master basic facts.

Why I Love It

My team just started using guided math this year.  In the past, we took a portion of our lesson for fact practice and flashcards.  Now, the minilesson and three rotations take our whole math block.  We needed to find a way for the students to practice their facts independently at their technology center.  XtraMath is perfect for that!  You can choose the operation you want them to practice, and you’ll get a daily score.  You’ll be able to see who completed it and who didn’t at a glance.  You’ll also know who knows their facts well and who needs some more practice.

How Do You Sign Up

Go to the XtraMath website.  Click “Sign Up.”  Type in your information and create your class.  Each student will be assigned a pin number.  When the students are ready to log in, they will click “Sign In.”  They will enter your email address, their name, and their pin number.


Paid Online Math Programs

There are also some online math programs that you really need to purchase to get the best features.  One of them is Khan Academy.  I used Khan Academy a lot with my class a few years ago.  Many of the features were free at that time, and my students loved earning new animals.  Now, a lot of the features that used to be free are only available if you pay for the program.

Another paid program is Reflex Math.  I’ve never used it in my classroom, but I’ve watched my son play it.  His school has a subscription, and he asks to play when he gets home.  Reflex Math is like XtraMath because it is basic fact practice.  However, it’s set up more like a video game, and it’s a lot more engaging.  My son loves playing the games and earning tickets.  It has really helped him improve his speed with basic addition facts.

Guided Math Technology Center

These online math programs are a huge help for our guided math technology center.  I meet with my small groups while the other students are engaged and practicing skills they need.  With very little work on my part, my students complete differentiated activities that they enjoy.

Your students will love these online math programs!

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