Valentine’s Day Make-Ahead Meals

Need some quick, easy, and inexpensive meals for the week?  Try these Valentine’s Day Make-Ahead meals to show your family how much you love them!

Make these Valentine's Day Make-Ahead Meals to save time and money this week. Click to find the recipes or pin for later.

Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday, and I’m working on getting valentines ready for all of us to take to school.  I bought Friendly’s coupons for a free ice cream cone to give my third graders this year.  They get enough candy from their friends, so I figured the coupons would be a nice treat for a later time.  Plus, it was a great deal – 30 coupons for $5.  I only have 22 students in my class, so I’ll have a few to use with my kids.  I love getting a cone of mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert at Friendly’s.

Miss M picked out Disney Princess valentines to give her friends.  She also wanted to give them lollipops, one of her favorite treats.  She will happily enjoy the extras of those I’m sure.  J wanted Pokemon valentines, but we couldn’t find any at the store.  I just didn’t have the time to make any, so he ended up with Spiderman valentines.  He was happy with this after he found Fun Dips to attach to the valentines.  Both kiddos are very excited about Tuesday.

Valentine’s Day Make-Ahead Meals

Since Valentine’s Day is a weekday, we went out for dinner this weekend.   It’s just too hard to go out to eat with the kids after school.  We’re all tired, and having crabby kids at a restaurant isn’t fun.  It’s much easier to make food at home during the week.  I chose these Valentine’s Day Make-Ahead Meals because they are super easy to make ahead of time.  That way after an exhausting classroom party on Tuesday, I can just throw supper in the oven and relax while it cooks.


I made a roast chicken over the weekend for Tony’s birthday, and I had some leftover meat.  I decided to use it to make the Creamy Pepperjack Chicken Enchiladas from Robin, Heather, and Becky at Sugar-n-Spice Girls.  We love enchiladas, and this combination of flavors sounded delicious.  I still had some homemade cream of chicken soup left from last week, and I used it in this recipe.  With some salsa, this will be a delicious supper Monday night.

Cost:  $4.45



This yummy taco ring is one of the delicious Valentine's Day Make-Ahead Meals. Click for the recipe.


When I originally planned my Valentine’s Day Make-Ahead Meals, I planned to make the Taco Ring from in the shape of a heart.  Since I was making it ahead of time, I didn’t have room to put a whole baking sheet in the refrigerator.  Therefore, it is currently shaped like an oval to fit in my baking dish.  I may try to reshape it into a heart when I cook it Tuesday night.  No matter what shape it is, I think this meal will be a hit.  I love the way the picture looks on the website.  I also plan to fill the taco ring with lettuce, tomatoes, and other toppings.  Yummy!

Cost:  $5.36




These steak, pepper, and mushroom kebabs are one of my Valentine's Day Make-Ahead Meals.

Wednesday night, we’ll be having Steak, Pepper, and Mushroom Kebabs.  I made them for a special project I’ve been working on, and they were a huge hit.  I decided to make them again.  Miss M ate them right off the skewer and kept saying “Mmmm” the whole time.  She ate every last bite and asked for another one!  Hopefully, she’ll enjoy them as much this time.  Stay tuned:  I’ll tell you how to get the recipe soon.

Cost:  $5.98



Salsa verde chicken pasta is one of this week's Valentine's Day Make-Ahead Meals. Click for the recipe.


As you can see I was on a Mexican food kick this week.  Even though I had already made two Mexican dinners for this week, I couldn’t resist the Salsa Verde Chicken Pasta from Kevin & Amanda.   My kids will love the noodles, and I love salsa verde.  Unfortunately, the grocery store only carried one brand of salsa verde, so I had to pay $4.50 for it.  Normally, I look for the most inexpensive brand to save some money.  That didn’t work this time.  However, all of the other ingredients were inexpensive, and I still paid far less than I would have at a restaurant for this meal.

Cost:  $7.25



Friday is always pizza night.  Did you see that Pizza Hut has heart-shaped pizzas this week?  If they’re still around Friday night, we’ll definitely be ordering a few.  If not, I still have a DiGiorno pizza in the refrigerator from when they were on sale.  I’ll make a salad to go with the pizza, and it will be the perfect ending to our week of Valentine’s Day Make-Ahead Meals.

Cost:  Pizza Hut – about $20 or DiGiorno – Free (It was a buy 2, get one free deal, and this is the last one)

DiGiorno is suddenly looking a lot better.



Check out these Valentine's Day Make-Ahead Meals for some quick, inexpensive dinners this week.

I kept Valentine’s Day in mind for this week’s dessert, too.  The Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes from Jessica at The Novice Chef looked perfect!  Since this weekend was also my husband’s birthday, they doubled as his birthday cake.  Everyone loved them!  The cake was nice and fluffy, and the icing was perfect with the little pieces of strawberry.  Of course, my kids ate the entire rest of the quart of strawberries with their cupcakes.

Cost:  $4.65

These Valentine's Day Make-Ahead Meals are quick, delicious, and inexpensive.

When we went out for dinner last night, the total cost was over $50.  Valentine’s Day is a special occasion, so I was okay with it.  Plus, we had some gift cards left from Christmas.  They covered most of the bill.  All of my Valentine’s Day Make-Ahead Meals together cost less than that one dinner at a restaurant.  They came in at a grand total of $47.69, if we order Pizza Hut Friday night.  If not, they cost just $27.69.  That’s five meals for less than the price of one.


What are you having for Valentine’s Day dinner?


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