President’s Day Make-Ahead Meals

Tomorrow is President’s Day.   Originally, we were supposed to have the day off from school.  Then, we had a snow day, and it was taken away as a snow make-up day.  A 3-day weekend would have been really nice, and I would have had an extra day to make my President’s Day Make-Ahead Meals.  Instead, I spent all morning in the kitchen, and now I’m ready for the busy 5-day week ahead.

Check out these President's Day Make-Ahead Meals to save time and money this week.

President’s Day Make-Ahead Meals

It’s hard to believe it’s February.  Yesterday and today, the temperatures were in the sixty’s.  I’m so ready for spring and warmer weather.  It was nice to be able to go to the grocery store without boots and a winter jacket.  I’m hoping the groundhog was wrong, and the warm weather is here to stay.  I don’t need any more weeks of winter.


Ranch Chicken Rollups are one of this week's President's Day Make-Ahead Meals.

Monday night’s dinner is the Ranch Chicken Rollup Bake from Pillsbury.  My kids love ranch dressing.  They dip everything in it.  I also made a nice, big salad for the week.  It’s loaded with veggies, like carrots, cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes.  J and Miss M won’t eat the lettuce, but they pick out all the other goodies.  The salad will be a perfect side for the rollup bake.

Cost:  $6.75 (salad included)



Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Shells are one of this week's President's Day Make-Ahead Meals.

Our dinner for Tuesday night is Spinach Stuffed Shells.  The recipe only called for half the box of shells.  I was trying to decide what to do with the rest of the uncooked pasta.  Miss M and I have been reading Eric Carle books all week, so I decided to use the leftover shells for some crafts.  We made the hermit crab from A House for Hermit Crab and the butterfly from The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  You can find out how we made them by checking out my post about shell pasta crafts.  I’ll tell you how to get the recipe for Spinach Stuffed Shells and lots of other fun activities to do with the recipe really soon!

Cost:  $4.39



This Creamy Chicken Rosa Pasta is one of the President's Day Make-Ahead Meals.

Wednesday night’s meal is the Creamy Chicken Rosa Bake from Steph at Plain Chicken.  As I’ve said before, my kids love anything with noodles, chicken, and cheese.  I have a feeling this recipe could become a favorite in our house.  Miss M had to sample a little bit when I was making it.  She gobbled up the few bites I gave her, and she asked for more.  She’ll just have to wait until Wednesday night to eat some more of it.

Cost:  $4.88



Barbecue chicken sandwiches are another of the President's Day Make-Ahead Meals.

I have a meeting after school on Thursday, so I needed something fast that Tony could throw in the oven and serve the kids.  I baked a few chicken breasts in the oven and shredded the meat.  Then, I mixed it with Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce.  Now, all Tony has to do is put the dish in the oven to reheat the meat.  He can serve it as barbecue chicken sandwiches on rolls with the rest of the salad.  I’ll have an easy meal when I get home, too.

Cost:  $3.50



Ham and cheese stromboli is one of this week's President's Day Make-Ahead Meals.

When I bought the crescent rolls for Monday night’s rollups, I had a coupon for $1 off three Pillsbury items.  I decided to buy some pizza dough so I could use the coupon.  I was planning to use the pizza dough for Friday night’s pizza dinner, but my plans changed as I looked for recipes on Pinterest.  A stromboli recipe popped up, and I knew that would be our dinner for Friday.  I stuffed it with ham, cheese, peppers, and mushrooms.  I already have some homemade pizza sauce for dipping.

Cost:  $5.69



Lady Bird Johnson's Lemon Cake is a perfect dessert for the President's Day Make-Ahead Meals.

In honor of President’s Day, I decided to make Lady Bird Johnson’s Lemon Cake from Estelle at The Maine House.  I figured it would be the perfect dessert for my President’s Day Make-Ahead Meals.  Unfortunately, this cake didn’t come out of my bundt pan perfectly.  Maybe I didn’t grease it enough.  Oh, well.  It still tastes delicious.  It will pair perfectly with tea.  I may even have to eat a slice for breakfast one day this week.

Cost:  $3.35


Total Savings

This week, my President’s Day Make-Ahead Meals cost $28.56.  I spent a total of $90.44 on all of our food for the week, and I was able to save $55.36.  I even stocked up on some meats for the next few weeks.  They were marked down, because they were approaching their expiration date.   I just put them in the freezer until I need them.  Using this strategy allowed me to get two pounds of Shady Brook Farms ground turkey for $1.00 apiece, 4 pork chops for $2.35, and the chicken I used for these meals for $5.25.  The best way to get deals like this is to shop early in the morning.  I visit the grocery store Saturday morning when the employees are checking the meats and putting discount stickers on them.  If you wait until later in the day, they will be gone.

How do you save money on your groceries?

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