Quick Chicken Make-Ahead Meals

This weekend was really busy. We had errands to run yesterday and dinner with some friends. Today, we went to church, and I’m going to a Lularoe party this afternoon. That didn’t leave much time for prepping food for the week. I took a shortcut by choosing easy recipes that all included chicken. Chicken breasts were on sale buy one pack, get two packs free. All I had to do was cook them and mix them into my quick chicken make-ahead meals.

These quick chicken make-ahead meals will save you lots of time and money this week! Click to get the recipes.

Quick Chicken Make-Ahead Meals


One pot chicken pesto pasta is one of this week's quick chicken make-ahead meals.

As I’ve told you before, my kids absolutely love noodles. However, I wanted a change from the traditional pasta sauce this week. I found just what I was looking for when I discovered the One Pan Garlic Chicken Pesto Pasta from BuzzFeed. Classico Pesto was on sale this week, and pasta was just 69 cents. Not only was this meal very inexpensive, but it also came together really quickly. Once the chicken and pasta were cooked, it was ready in under 10 minutes. Usually, Miss M is my pasta taste tester, but today I couldn’t get enough of these noodles. The pesto, cream, and parmesan make a delicious sauce for the noodles and chicken. I couldn’t stop sampling them!

Cost:  $5.25



White chicken enchiladas are one of this week's quick chicken make-ahead meals.

Tuesday night’s quick meal is the White Chicken Enchiladas from Steph at Plain Chicken. They were also ready in about 10 minutes. The only change I made to this recipe was using Rotel instead of green chilis in the sauce. These cheesy chicken rolls will be the perfect comfort food for Tuesday night.

Cost:  $4.79



The ranch cheddar chicken bake is one of this week's quick chicken make-ahead meals.

I had a can of Pillsbury biscuits left from my chicken roll-ups a few weeks ago. They were on sale 2 for $4, and I had a coupon, so I bought 2. I wanted to use the second package before they expired, so I looked for a chicken recipe that would use them. The Ranch Cheddar Chicken Bake from Pillsbury was just what I needed. We’re having it with some asparagus that was on sale this week. If you don’t think you like asparagus, try cooking it on a sheet pan with some olive oil, salt, and pepper. Roast it at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes. Your opinion of asparagus just might change. Even my kids love it that way.

Cost:  $6.45



Detox immune-boosting chicken soup is one of this week's quick chicken make-ahead meals.

As I was looking for recipes Friday night, I was really craving soup. The temperatures have suddenly dropped again, and we even had a surprise snow squall Friday afternoon. Nothing like unexpected snow to make a class of third graders completely crazy! I think my chaotic afternoon caused my line-up of comfort foods for supper this week. Then, I saw the Detox Immune-Boosting Chicken Soup from Kelly at Eat Yourself Skinny. The mix of veggies looked delicious, and I figured this would be a good light meal after the heavier ones we’re having earlier in the week. When I made this soup, it smelled so good! We had some with our lunch today. Tony was skeptical when he saw all the healthy stuff. Yes, he was worse than the kids. However, after sampling it he admitted that it was really yummy and asked for seconds. Both kids ate their entire bowls. I can’t wait for Thursday night to have some more.

Cost:  $7.55



I bought a loaf of Italian bread for 84 cents from the clearance bakery area. I stuck it in the freezer as soon as I got home. Thursday night, I’ll pull it out and use it for pizza bread Friday night. I just spread some garlic butter on the bread and layer it with tomatoes and cheese. I broil it for about 10 minutes, and it’s ready to go. This makes a quick and easy meal after a long week.

Cost:  $2.99



Mixed berry crumble bars are the dessert for this week's quick chicken make-ahead meals.

As I was searching Pinterest for recipes, the Mixed Berry Crumble Bars from Allison at Celebrating Sweets caught my eye. I already had berries on my grocery list, because they were buy one, get one free. I picked up blueberries and blackberries, and I already had some strawberries at home. Raspberries were left out, since they were $4.00 for a tiny pack. I was able to get these prepared while the chicken baked in the oven. Then, as soon as the chicken was done, I put the oven down to 375 degrees and baked the bars while I got the rest of the meals ready. I got home from the grocery store at 9:00, and all of my meals were ready by 10:30. That gave us plenty of time to run errands.

Cost:   $5.39


Total Cost

The quick chicken make-ahead meals ended up being pretty inexpensive. Since the chicken was buy one, get 2 free, I ended up with 6 chicken breasts for $6. That really helped with the savings this week. The total cost of the quick chicken make-ahead meals was $32.42. My total grocery bill was $85.05, and I saved $40.80.

With my refrigerator stocked, I can go enjoy my Lularoe party.  Does this savings mean I can buy two pairs of leggings instead of just one?

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  1. Oh yes, you’ve earned those leggings Tara. That’s amazing that you could make all these meals on a tight budget and they all look so yummy. And to top it all off there’s that scrumptious berrylious treat. Just perfect

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