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Do you love spending time in the kitchen with your children?  Do you want your kids to keep learning even when they’re not at school?  Then, Cooking and Learning in the Kitchen is perfect for you!  I combined my passion for teaching and my love of cooking to create this new product.

Your kids will love Cooking and Learning in the Kitchen! Each download includes a recipe and three levels of learning activities.

Cooking with Kids

Saturday mornings are spent cooking at my house.  I go to the grocery store bright and early.  Once the groceries are put away, I start making all of our meals for the week.  My kids love getting involved in the kitchen, but I can make everything so much faster on my own.  If I had them help me with four meals and a dessert, it would take all weekend.  Therefore, I decided to let them help me with one recipe each week.

J and Miss M help me measure, stir, and assemble the meals.  They have so much fun!  Of course, they have to sample everything along the way when raw eggs and meats aren’t involved.  When it comes time to eat the food they helped to make, they always devour it.  They helped me make a meal that neither of them would eat when I made it myself.  When they made it, they ate every last bite.

Just from cooking, there are so many skills kids can learn.  Fractions, measurement, and time are just a few.  However, I wanted to extend my kids’ learning even more.  From eleven years of teaching third grade, I know my students are always more interested in learning new things when they’re connected to something they enjoy.  Since my kids were enjoying cooking so much, I decided to develop extra activities they could do to learn more math, reading, and science.  After we finish cooking, or while our creation is baking, we work on the activities together.  Sometimes we do them over the course of a few days.  They actually ask when they get to do the next one.

Start Cooking and Learning in the Kitchen

Make these Banana Bread Sandwiches from Cooking and Learning in the Kitchen.

Want to try Cooking and Learning in the Kitchen with your kids?  You can start today.  Download the first product, Banana Bread Finger Sandwiches, at the bottom of this post for free.  You will get:

  • A list of ingredients
  • A detailed recipe written for children
  • A step-by-step slideshow with pictures of each step of the recipe
  • Three levels of activities – Pre-K and K, 1st grade and 2nd grade, 3rd grade-5th grade
  • A math activity
  • A reading or writing activity
  • A science, social studies, music, or art activity

The Cooking and Learning in the Kitchen Store is open!  Download your first recipe for free, and try it out with your kids.  I would love your feedback!  Is there anything that should be added or changed?  Did your children enjoy it?  Send me an email at [email protected] or join the Cooking and Learning in the Kitchen Facebook group, and let me know what you think.  Just for letting me know your thoughts, I’ll give you another recipe and activity set for free.

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Have fun Cooking and Learning in the Kitchen!



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Cooking and Learning in the Kitchen

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8 thoughts on “About Cooking and Learning in the Kitchen

    1. You’re right, Carlee! The mess is the worst part. My daughter always dumps more flour on the table than in the bowl. It’s worth it, though, since she loves helping so much, and it’s a great learning experience for her.

  1. I love this! We made a stand for my 21 month old to be able to stand up safely at the counter top height and “help” us. I made naan bread the other day and she was rolling the dough! This is such a cute idea!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! When my kids were that little, they always tried to stand on our kitchen chairs to reach the counter, and it made me nervous. Now, I just bring everything to the kitchen table, and they help me there. It’s messy, but they have so much fun. They also usually help to clean up the mess.

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