Planning a Pokemon Birthday Party

I can’t believe I have a 7-year old!  J’s birthday was last week.  That meant another party to plan.  Each year, I let my kids choose the themes for their birthday parties.  J had lots of ideas, but he finally decided he wanted a Pokemon party.  Here are the foods, games, and activities I planned for his Pokemon birthday party.

Use these food, game, and activity ideas to plan the perfect Pokemon birthday party.

This is the first year J’s birthday has fallen so close to Easter.  It worked out well because he had off from school on his birthday.  He planned our whole day.  We spent the morning at Chuck E Cheese’s, ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and cheered him on at his soccer practice that night.  Having spring break at the same time also gave me time to plan for his Pokemon birthday party.

Pokemon Birthday Party Food

Main Dishes

When I throw birthday parties, they are always for our family and a few of J’s friends from the neighborhood.  Therefore, I need foods that appeal to adults and children.  For the main course, I decided to make mac and cheese.  Who doesn’t like mac and cheese?  Plus, the bright yellow color reminded me of Pikachu.  I also made some barbecue pork in the crock pot for sandwiches.  Both main dishes were extremely easy to make.  I made them the day before and just reheated them right before the party.  Some guests even ended up putting pulled pork on the mac and cheese.  They raved about it, so I had to try it.  It was delicious!  All of the leftovers were eaten that way, and I’ve been craving it ever since.


Neither main course was extremely Pokemon-themed, so I searched on Pinterest for ideas for Pokemon-themed foods.  I found the idea to make fruit and veggie trays into Pokeballs.  I started the veggie tray Pokeball with ranch dip in the middle of a round tray.  Black olives made a perfect black stripe. The red and white Pokeball colors were made with tomatoes and provolone cheese.  I was going to get cauliflower, but the grocery store price was five dollars for one small head of cauliflower.  I wasn’t willing to pay that much!  Cheese also made sense because some people put it on their pork sandwiches.  The kids liked to just pick it up and eat it.

This Pokeball veggie tray is the perfect side for a Pokemon themed birthday party.

The fruit tray Pokeball started with a cup of vanilla yogurt in the center.  The black stripe on this tray was made from raisins.  The fruit tray had strawberries and bananas for the red and white colors.  Everyone loved the Pokeball sides!

This Pokeball fruit tray makes the perfect side for a Pokemon themed birthday party.



I ordered a Pokemon cake from Country Fare, a local restaurant.  That’s my go-to place for birthday cakes.  Their marble cake with buttercream icing is everyone’s favorite.  They also do an amazing job decorating the cakes.  I think my guests would leave if I tried to get a different cake.

I also saw Pikachu pops made from bunny Peeps on Pinterest.    Luckily, I was able to find Peeps everywhere, since it was so close to Easter.  The Pikachu pops were super easy and came out really cute!  All I had to do was put black icing on the ears and red icing on the cheeks.  The kids loved them!  The birthday boy had fun showing his Pikachu pop off before devouring it.

Pikachu Peeps are an adorable dessert for a Pokemon birthday party.


Pokemon Birthday Party Activities and Games

I like to have activities and games planned for the kids at the party.  The teacher in me likes organization and clear directions.  With J’s birthday falling so close to Easter, I decided to make egg decorating part of the party.  As the kids arrived, they dyed Easter eggs.  I just bought an egg dyeing kit at the Dollar Store and three dozen eggs for 88 cents each at the grocery store.  I hard boiled them and let the kids have fun dyeing the eggs.  Then, we put them back into the carton to dry.  Decorating the eggs was an activity for later in the party.

Dyeing eggs to decorate Pokemon is a fun activity for a Pokemon birthday party.

Pokemon Matching

While the eggs were drying, we played Pokemon matching.  For Christmas, J got a bunch of Pokemon cards and some little Pokemon figures.  J went through and matched the characters on the cards with the figures.  I put the cards into plastic cups and covered them with red and white tissue paper.  I hid the figures in my sunroom.  On Amazon, I found a pack of Pokeballs, which I decided to use as favors.

For the game, I gave each child a Pokeball.  Then, they had to choose a cup and poke through the tissue paper to find a Pokemon card.  Next, they ran to the sunroom to find the matching Pokemon.  They had to “capture” the Pokemon in their Pokeball and bring it back.  Each child got to do this three times.  They loved it!  They also loved that they got to keep the Pokeballs, and I gave each of them a pack of Pokemon cards, too.

Egg Decorating

Once the eggs dried, I told the kids they were going to decorate them as Pokemon.  I bought egg decorating stickers from Oriental Trading.  Each child got four of the dyed eggs and a sheet of stickers with eyes, mouths, and other decorations.  The boys started creating Frogadier, Jigglypuff, and Pikachu.  The girls enjoyed creating puppies, people, and cats.  The eggs turned out really cute!

Pokemon Battles

The actual Pokemon card game was too complicated for some of the guests at the party.  Okay, honestly, the game is too complicated for me.  Instead, I decided we’d do Pokemon battles with the eggs we created.  Each child was allowed to choose a favorite egg to take home.  We used the other eggs to see who was the best Pokemon.  We took the eggs to the backyard and did three relays with them.  First, we did a spoon battle.  The kids had to carry an egg on a spoon without dropping it.  The Pokemon who stayed on the spoon the longest was the winner.

Next, we did a throwing battle.  Each child chose an adult partner, and they tossed the egg back and forth.  The Pokemon that lasted the longest without cracking was the winner.  The first grader next door and Tony’s dad kept their egg going the longest.  They didn’t drop it for five minutes and won that battle.

The last competition was a rolling battle.  We have a big hill in our backyard.  The kids ran up to the top of the hill with their eggs.  They had to roll the egg down the hill without breaking it.  The egg that lasted the longest without breaking was the winner.

As we finished each round of battles, I collected the broken eggs.  Most of them just had small cracks in them, and I didn’t want to waste them.  Click the link to check out the delicious recipes I made with over two dozen hard boiled eggs from this game.

Pokemon Party Fun

This was one of the least expensive parties I’ve planned for the kids’ birthdays.  J’s Plants vs. Zombies party came close just because there weren’t any themed party supplies to buy.  For this Pokemon party, I purchased themed tablecloths, plates, napkins, and cups from Party City.  However, the Plants vs. Zombies party showed me that I didn’t need to buy tons of decorations.  First of all, I just ended up throwing them away after previous parties.  Plus, we had plenty of Pokemon stuffed animals and toys to serve as decorations and materials for the games.

Everyone left the Pokemon birthday party with big smiles on their faces.  The kids from next door went home and told their parents they had so much fun!  J and Miss M haven’t stopped talking about the party yet.  They are still playing with the Pokeballs and “catching” the little Pokemon.  J has already started to try to think of a theme that will top it for next year’s party.  I’m glad I have a long time to plan!

What has been your child’s favorite birthday party?



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