April Stitch Fix Review

If you’ve been following my Stitch Fix journey, you know I kept everything from my February fix.  I loved how all the pieces fit and looked.  When my April fix arrived, I was excited to see if my stylist could nail it again.  Find out if I kept everything again in this April Stitch Fix Review.

Does your wardrobe need to be updated? See if a Stitch Fix stylist might be right for you in my April Stitch Fix Review.

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If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s a clothing delivery service.  You fill out a style survey and select a price range.  Then, a personal stylist selects clothing for you and delivers it directly to your door.  Each fix includes 5 items and a personal note from your stylist.  You try everything on in the comfort of your own home and keep only what you love.  Just return everything else in the postage-paid bag and wait for your next fix to be delivered.  You get to decide how often you would like a fix.  I currently receive one every other month.

Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee.  However, if you choose to keep an item, the $20 goes toward your purchase.  You only lose the money if you choose not to keep anything.  An added bonus is that you get 25% off your purchase if you keep everything from your fix.  Last month, I did this and got one item completely for free.  Let’s begin my April Stitch Fix review.


April Stitch Fix Review

The Calvon Side Slit Knit Top is one of the pieces in my April Stitch Fix Review.

Calvon Side Slit Knit Top from Laila Jayde

The first item I pulled from my fix was the Calvon Side Slit Knit Top from Laila Jayde.  I really liked the horizontal striped pattern and colors of this shirt.  It was also very soft and fit well with my jeans.  I also liked the length of it.  I could wear it with my leggings, too.  However, the slit went a little bit too high.  I decided to send it back.

Price:  $58.00


Mayven V-Neck Blouse by Skies Are Blue with the

Frankie Stone Lariat Necklace by Bay to Baubles

The Mayven V-Neck Blouse is one of the pieces in my April Stitch Fix Review.

I was excited when I pulled the Mayven V-Neck Blouse from the box.  I loved the colors and the floral pattern.  The colors of the blouse matched perfectly with the beads on the Frankie Stone Lariat Necklace.  I decided to pair them together.  I love how the blouse flows.  It is very sheer, though.  I put a white camisole under it, and that solved that problem.  This blouse will be perfect for school on the warmer spring days.

I liked how the beads in the necklace matched the blouse.  However, I don’t wear necklaces very often, and I already own a lot of them.  Plus, the bottom of the necklace was covered by the top of the blouse.  I decided to keep the blouse and return the necklace.  I’m going to add to my style profile that I would prefer not to receive jewelry.  I’d much rather have another shirt or skirt in my fix.

Blouse Price:  $58.00

Necklace Price:  $34.00


Camilia Pencil Skirt by Renee C with the

Breyson Pleated Detail Blouse from 41Hawthorn

The Camilia Pencil Skirt and the Breyson Pleated Detail Blouse were two of the items in my April Stitch Fix Review.

When I pulled the Camilia Pencil Skirt from my fix, I loved the colors and patterns.  My stylist sent me the Breyson Pleated Detail Blouse to pair with it.  The yellow blouse brought out the yellow colors in the skirt.  I really liked this combination.  However, the skirt was a little bit longer than I would have liked, and the blouse wasn’t fitted enough.  I decided to send them back.

Skirt Price:  $48.00

Blouse Price:  $54.00


Why I Love Stitch Fix

With a full time job and two kids, I have no time to go shopping for clothing.  Most weeks, I barely make it to the grocery store to keep us fed.  If it weren’t for Stitch Fix, I would never have any new clothing.  I look forward to receiving my fix every other month and seeing what my personal stylist has chosen for me.  I also love how easy they make it to return the items you don’t want.  Just slide the clothes in the bag, seal it, and drop it in the mailbox.  Then, go to the Stitch Fix app and checkout.  The whole process takes less than 5 minutes (other than driving to the mailbox).

The only thing I would change about Stitch Fix is the time they give you to make your decisions.  You have three business days from the time you receive your fix to decide what you want to keep and what you want to return.  That’s challenging for me if I receive my fix during the week.  My weeknights after school are crazy.  There’s very little time left after dinner, soccer practice, baths, and the kids’ bedtime routine.  I just want to collapse into bed, not try on new outfits.

Luckily, you can choose the day you want your fix delivered, so I try to choose a Thursday or Friday.  That gives me the weekend to try everything on and make up my mind about what I’m keeping.  Of course, I forgot to do that this time.  These photos were taken around 9:00 on a Wednesday night after my shower and with no makeup.  Ooops!  Luckily my next fix will come in June when school is out, and I’ll have more free time.

Is Stitch Fix Right for You?

Does your wardrobe need some updating?  Is your schedule too busy for you to go clothing shopping?  Then, Stitch Fix might be just what you need.  Go to the Stitch Fix website and fill out your style profile.  Your personal stylist will select the perfect items for you, and your closet will be filled with new clothes you love!




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6 thoughts on “April Stitch Fix Review

  1. I’ve never heard of Stitch Fix, but I like the idea because I don’t like to shop & so don’t make time for it. Wonder if they have that in the US? I’m going to check out their website, and BTW, I never noticed you weren’t wearing makeup at all. You look beautiful with it or without it!

    1. Thanks so much, Florence! Stitch Fix is definitely in the US. Actually, I believe they only deliver in the US. It’s perfect for you if you don’t like to shop. Just try everything on at home and return what you don’t like. No stores involved.

  2. Tara, these posts are so fun. Not only cause I love to actually see you try on the clothes, I like to see how they actually look off the hanger. Sometimes I may think I love a piece, but seeing it on really gives me the full picture. Helping me to decide if a piece is right for me. I love how brave you are in showing each item, whether it’s perfect for you or not. Look forward to seeing what you receive each month!

  3. What a brilliant idea Tara, I really wish there was something like this in South Africa. It must be so much fun getting a stylist to pair different pieces based on your likes. And I’m with Florence on this one, you’r a natural beauty and don’t need any makeup. You look gorgeous

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