Kindergarten Preparation the Fun, Affordable Way

Are you looking for ways to prepare your child for kindergarten? There are so many things they need to know, and it’s hard to decide where to start. JDEducational is a fun, affordable curriculum for preschool and kindergarten preparation.

Are you looking for resources for kindergarten preparation? Check out JDEducational, and watch your child learn, play, and grow!

As a third grade teacher, you’d think I would be able to prepare my 4-year old for kindergarten. Miss M knows her ABC’s and colors, but beyond that I wasn’t sure what to do with her. Kindergarten is so different from 3rd grade!

When J was 4, I was on maternity leave with Miss M, so I took him to preschool three days a week. They took care of the kindergarten preparation for me. He left preschool writing his letters and numbers, doing basic math, and with lots of social experiences.

Miss M goes to a babysitter, who has several little ones under 2. She doesn’t have much time to practice letters and numbers with Miss M. There are no full day preschool programs in our area. Since Tony and I teach full time, there’s no way we can drop her off and pick her up at a half day preschool. I was on my own to prepare Miss M for kindergarten.

Kindergarten Preparation with JDEducational

Luckily, I was fortunate enough to meet Jeana Kinne in a blogging Facebook group. She mentioned that she created a curriculum for preschool and kindergarten readiness. Really? That sounded like just what I needed.

I am an expert at reading lesson plans and implementing them. I just needed someone to tell me what to do with a 4-year old. Multiplication, plant growth and development, and other third grade concepts didn’t seem like the best ideas.

Jeana offered to let me try two modules of her curriculum if I sent her pictures and videos of Miss M doing some of the activities. Um, yes! I couldn’t wait to get started!

3 Levels of Curriculum

JDEducational has 3 levels of curriculum that provide preschool and kindergarten preparation activities. All of the lessons are aligned with national standards. Jeana used over 15 years of experience working with children from birth to age 6 to create them.

Level 1 is a social and emotional curriculum. It contains 10 modules with 10 lessons in each module. It addresses issues, like diversity, taking turns, and trying new foods.

Level 2 focuses on advanced academics. The lessons address math, science, literacy, and fine motor skills. There are 6 modules, and each module centers around a theme and introduces children to the alphabet. Children will learn to name and form a few letters in each module.

Level 3 is the advanced academic level. It contains multi-step projects in its 6 modules. This is the most challenging of all the levels and introduces children to the scientific method, as they make and test hypotheses.

Testing the JDEducational Curriculum

I had the opportunity to try Modules 5 and 6 in Level 2 with Miss M. Here’s why we loved it!

  • The lesson plans were so clear and easy to follow. Each lesson includes a list of all the supplies you need and step-by-step directions.
  • The materials were all things we had around the house. If you have paper, markers, crayons, Q-tips, and paint around the house, you can do these lessons. Even if you don’t have something, all the  supplies are inexpensive and easily accessible. The only money I spent was 50 cents on jello for one of the lessons.

JDEducational kindergarten preparation land and water

  • The lessons get kids up and moving! Miss M loved the activities that involved running and jumping. She felt like she was playing while she was learning numbers, colors, and find motor skills. Miss M even got to design her own tent and play in it! She loved that lesson and kept her bed turned into a tent the whole day.

JDEducational kindergarten preparation tent activity

  • Kids are learning while having lots of fun! Module 5 is all about the solar system. Even J wanted to do the activities when he saw how much fun Miss M was having. He learned some new facts about the planets, too!

JDEducational kindergarten preparation planet lesson

  • The alphabet activities practice naming the letters and forming them. Miss M loved using paint to outline the letters. She still wants to do it every day, even though we finished both modules.

JDEducational kindergarten preparation Q activity

How Can You Get the Curriculum?

Do you want to try this awesome curriculum with your little one? Jeana has generously offered all Flavors, Fashion, and Fun readers 20% off their first purchase! To take advantage of this amazing offer, go to the JDEducational website, and enter the code FUN20 at checkout.

You can purchase one module at a time or an entire level. You can also purchase the digital resource or have it printed and delivered.

If you have a child between ages 2 and 6, you need to check this out! You’ll have so much fun watching your child play, learn, and grow with the JDEducational curriculum!



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  1. This looks like a great curriculum to get your child off on the right foot. Not only are they learning a lot but it looks like a lot of fun. Not only fun for her, but more interesting and fun for you which will make it much easier to get through, won’t it?

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