Planning Games for a Doc McStuffins Themed Birthday Party

Last Saturday was Miss M’s 4th birthday. She chose a Doc McStuffins themed birthday party. Miss M couldn’t wait to spend the day with her cousins and friends. With 6 kiddos ranging in age from 4-7, I needed to plan some fun activities. Here are the games we played.

Check out these fun games for a Doc McStuffins themed birthday party.

Games for a Doc McStuffins Themed Birthday Party

I have to admit I don’t know a whole lot about Doc McStuffins. Miss M watches it at the babysitter’s house, and she loves it. However, we don’t have Disney Junior at home, so I’ve only seen a few episodes.

We do own a few Doc McStuffins toys, like little figurines and a puppy dog in a carrier. I knew I wanted to use those for some of the games. However, I still needed some more ideas.

Miss M and I went to Party City to get tablecloths, plates, napkins, goody bags, and balloons. While we were there, we saw a game where you had to put a band-aid on Stuffy, the dragon. I didn’t want to pay six dollars for it, but I figured I could set up something similar at home.

I also made a stop at the dollar store and picked up a few little Doc McStuffins items to use as favors. Now, I just had to figure out how to put everything together for a fun party.


As the guests arrived, I gave them “doctor bags’ with their names on them. These were the goody bags I got at Party City. I told the kiddos they would be earning items to put in their bags as they completed activities.

goody bags for a Doc McStuffins themed birthday party

Put the Band-aid on Doc

This is the game I came up with based on the one for sale at Party City.


A large character balloon

Different band-aids


  1. Put the balloon at a good height where the children can reach it.
  2. Give each child a band-aid. Have him/her remember the design on the band-aid.
  3. Tell the children where they need to try to put the band-aid. We aimed for Doc’s nose.
  4. One at a time, blindfold and spin the children and have them try to put the band-aid on the correct part of the balloon.

All the kids had so much fun doing this. They actually had pretty good aim, too.

put a bandaid on doc game at a Doc McStuffins themed birthday party

As a reward for making Doc’s boo-boo better, each child got a Doc McStuffins character to add to the doctor bag.

Bunches of Bubbles

A few days before the party, my husband bought a big bubble machine. He wanted to use it in his classroom for an activity, but I convinced him to leave it home until after the party.

This bubble machine is the real deal. It has a remote control and everything. I decided it would be fun to play a game like Red Light, Green Light. When I turned the machine on, the kids moved around and popped the bubbles. As soon as it turned off, they had to freeze. This game worked off a lot of energy before we stopped for lunch.

As a reward, the children received little bottles of Doc McStuffins bubbles to add to their doctor bags.

Picture Puzzles

After lunch and presents, it was time for cake. While I was cutting and serving the cake, I wanted something for the kids to do. I found these cute Doc McStuffins eraser puzzles at the Dollar Tree. I took them apart and put them into baggies. Each child got one and had to put it together before getting cake. Then, they added the erasers to their goody bags.

eraser puzzle for a Doc McStuffins themed birthday party

Stuffed Animal Doctors

One thing I learned from the few episodes of Doc McStuffins I watched was that Doc takes care of toys. Miss M has a couple of doctor sets, so I took out the doctor tools and some of my Beanie Babies. The kids each chose an animal and used the tools to give it a check-up.

taking care of animals at a Doc McStuffins themed birthday party

Once their animal was healthy, they earned a “Big Book of Boo-Boos” notebook and a pack of Doc McStuffins crayons to add to their doctor bags.


piñata fun for a Doc McStuffins themed birthday party

Almost every birthday party at my house involves a piñata. The kids love hitting it until the candy comes pouring out onto the garage floor. The Doc McStuffins piñata was strong for a while, but the finally broke into it. Of course the candy from the piñata was the prize for this activity.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

The piñata was the last big event of the birthday party. Most of the guests started leaving. Everyone said they had a great time, and they were all very happy to leave with their doctor’s bag full of goodies.

prizes for a Doc McStuffins themed birthday party

Miss M said this was her best birthday party yet, and she immediately started playing with all the Squinkies she got as presents. (If you haven’t checked these out yet, you need to. Even I love to play with them!)

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What is the best birthday party you’ve planned?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. This sounds like a blast. I love all the games that you came up with and it sounds like the kids did too. I haven’t seen this cartoon either, but it sounds like a good one. When the kids were little it was either Barney or Sesame Street, now there are so many fun shows that teach as well as entertain. Love that.

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