3 Organizational Tricks to Reduce Workweek Stress

If you have a full time job and kids, the workweek can be very busy and stressful. Getting everyone out the door in the morning is always hectic. Then, after a long day at work, you have to feed and care for your family. Here are 3 organizational tricks to reduce workweek stress.

Use these 3 organizational tricks to reduce workweek stress.

I always use these organizational tricks to help me get through the workweek, but they are going to be even more important than usual over the next two weeks. Parent-teacher conferences are starting, and that means several days when I need to be at school by 7:30, and I won’t get to leave until after 5.

I’ve found that using time over the weekend to get organized helps me get everyone where they need to be on time. These tricks also give me more time to spend with my family during the workweek, and they help me to be less stressed.

3 Organizational Tricks to Reduce Workweek Stress

#1 – Get your house as clean as possible over the weekend.

I’ll admit it. By Friday night, my house looks like a tornado went through it. There are toys on the floor, dishes in the sink, and school papers all over the dining room table. I just don’t have the energy to clean up after teaching 24 third graders all day.

The weekend is my chance to catch up on all the household jobs that get neglected during the week. Give everyone a room to clean, and the work will go much faster.

Here are the items on my weekend cleaning list:

  • Run and empty the dishwasher
  • Wash, fold, and put away laundry
  • Pick up toys
  • Vacuum
  • Dust the furniture

I usually take care of the kitchen and the laundry. Tony picks up everything on the floor and vacuums. J and  Miss M are responsible for cleaning their rooms. Miss M also loves to help with the dusting. Give her a cloth, and everything gets wiped down in record time. I’m hoping the novelty doesn’t wear off as she gets older.

In about an hour on Sunday morning, the house is looking better, and we have the rest of the day for church and family time.

#2 – Do your grocery shopping and prepare meals for the week.

This is my Saturday morning job. I get up before the kids and sneak out to the grocery store. I actually enjoy this chore. It’s an hour of quiet time with no kids, and the grocery stores are empty at 7 am. I am able to get in and out with everything I need.

Find out how I use a grocery list to save time and stay organized at the grocery store.

When I get home, I start preparing our meals for the week. These make ahead meals save me so much time when I get home from school. I just have to throw them in the oven, and they bake while I work on school work and play with the kids.

Check out my make ahead meal menus for dinner ideas.

By 11:00 on Saturday morning, all of my meals for the week are ready. Then, we can spend the rest of the day running other errands, going to birthday parties, and having fun.

My refrigerator is full, and my make ahead meals are ready for the busy work week.

#3 – Organize clothes and food for the mornings.

The morning can make or break your whole day. If you have a calm morning with happy kids, the rest of the day usually goes okay. However, mornings that start with screaming kids who you have to drag to the car generally lead to stressful days. I do everything possible to prepare for calm, happy mornings.

When I’m doing laundry, I keep five outfits aside for each of us. That way, there’s no digging through drawers and trying to put outfits together at 6:30 in the morning. There’s also no arguing over what we’re wearing. If the kids want a say in their clothes, they can help me pick out outfits on Sunday.

Organizing clothing is one of the organizational tricks to reduce workweek stress.

Breakfast is the other struggle in the morning. Some mornings J and Miss M wake up early and have time to eat before we leave. I have oatmeal packets and cereal for those days. However, most mornings we’re eating on the go. Miss M eats in the car on the way to the babysitter’s. J takes a small snack to eat at his morning childcare. Then, he buys breakfast when he gets to school.

Lunches are another morning job. I pack a lunch for Tony, J, and myself most days. Tony and I usually eat leftovers from dinner. Since they are already in microwavable containers, they are easy to grab in the morning. However, J needs sandwiches, drinks, fruits, and snacks. I put his lunch together at night when I’m cleaning up from dinner. That way, I just need to put his lunchbox in his backpack in the morning.

Less Stressful Days Ahead

I just finished all of my jobs for this weekend. My refrigerator is stocked with meals for the week. The kids’ clothes are laid out on their toy boxes. I can walk through the house without tripping over toys. I’m already feeling a little less stressed.

What do you do to reduce stress during the workweek?

Let me know in the comments below.


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